Come to Our Holiday Art Show and Sale!

Holiday Art Show and Sale

Patsy Keller works with fused glass to create jewelry, plates, bowls and vases that catch the light and make it dance. Ask her about any of her work, and she will gladly tell you about the process and the story behind the piece.

Daphne Longo-Okcuoglu is a fine art and portrait photographer with an amazing portfolio. She has a unique talent that makes her photography stand out from all the rest!

If you have been in the bar on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you may already know Jack Marshall! He performs brilliantly on the piano, and he is also an incredible painter, drawing inspiration from the beauty and wonder of historic Brandywine Valley.

Holiday Art Show and Sale

Philice Ray makes beautiful jewelry by hand! She works with silver, glass and various other mediums. If you are looking for a custom piece, she will make one that will fit the bill!

John Rush has loved working with wood since he was a teenager, and has spent the last few decades perfecting his craft. He embraces the flaws of each piece of wood, realizing that they are what make his work unique and special. In imperfection, he finds perfection.

This is one art show you will not want to miss. Come speak with the artists and pick up some unique holiday gifts!