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Compare and Contrast Essays

Compare and contrast essays are used for comparison between two topics. As the name suggests, it lists out similarities and differences between two given subjects. Start outlining the data you got into the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Always Proofread your work before submission. This corrects any errors in your work. However, as a beginner, you can always take help from a professional essay writer to get your essay done.

The structure of this essay is very much like others but it features two different subjects in the body paragraph which is unlikely in other genres of essays. Gradually the essay comes to a final analysis of the two topics. The structure is quite organizational and begins with the brainstorming of the topics. You must then move on to developing a thesis statement by mapping out all similarities and differences.This will help you get an idea of how compare and contrast essays are attempted. There are many topics that can be very interestingly compared, and a verdict is given. Some of the helpful ideas are as follows. These ideas are divided into categories for convenience.

In order to develop an effective compare and contrast essay, students must possess good writing and research skills. If you are not able to write a compare and contrast essay, you can get an essay writing service from writing websites. These websites possess a number of different expert writers on different fields. They can help you in writing a customized paper to get good marks. The success of a compare and contrast essay depends upon the selection of a good topic. Always brainstorm to choose a good topic. Never select such a topic which is new for you. Students should always go for such topics which are recent and they have knowledge about. Some of the topics of compare and contrast essay are as follows:

Topics on History

  1. Comparison between the two Civil wars i.e. I and II

  2. Donald Trump and Joe Biden

  3. America in 2000 and now

  4. History of the United States and Europe

  5. The political developments in America now and twenty years ago

  6. Life of an immigrant and national in America

  7. Economic development in the United States and China

  8. Religion and Crusades

  9. Use of weapon now vs the ancient civilization

  10. Bridal ceremonies in new vs Ancient Rome

Topics on Literature

  1. Shakespeare’s two plays

  2. Motives of two renowned personalities

  3. Famous novels of two classical writers

  4. Poetry and Prose

  5. Argumentative essay and Analytical essay

  6. English vs Russian writers

  7. Two genres of essay writing

  8. Charlotte Bronte or Jane Austin

  9. Harry Potter’s two characters

  10. Two Oscar-winning stories

  11. Pride and Prejudice or Romeo and Juliet

  12. Two prose writers

Popular comparisons

  1. Best colors for formal meetings: Black or white

  2. Samsung or Apple

  3. McDonalds or KFC

  4. Seaside or Hill view

  5. Longer hair or shorter

  6. Cricket or Football

  7. Tea or Coffee

  8. White or brown sugar

  9. Movies vs. Books

  10. Kittens or puppies

  11. Flat shoes or high heels

  12. Summers or Winters

  13. Asia or Europe

  14. Road trip or Airplane

  15. Pepsi vs. Coca Cola

  16. Rap vs. Rock music

  17. Chinese cuisine vs. Italian

  18. Pop music vs. classic music

If you are still confused you can take help from essay writer service

Topics about technology

  1. Online shopping vs. Physical shopping

  2. Android vs. iOS

  3. Gadgets vs IT

  4. Mail post vs. electronic mail i.e., Email

  5. Skype vs. FaceTime

  6. WhatsApp vs. Telegram

  7. Apple vs. Samsung

  8. Print media vs. electronic media

  9. CNN vs. BBC news

  10. iPhone 11 vs. iPhone 12

Topics on Leading personalities

  1. Compare two theories of Einstein

  2. John Franklin Kennedy vs. Abraham Lincoln

  3. Compare the presidency of Donald Trump and President Bush

  4. Churchill vs. Hitler

  5. Manhattan vs. Starbucks

  6. Nicki Minaj vs. Rihanna

  7. Compare two famous Music Bands

Interesting topics for students

  1. Sociology and Philosophy

  2. Criminal law vs Civil law

  3. Bacteria vs. virus

  4. DNA of animals vs. people

  5. Men vs Women in administrative positions

  6. Private institutions vs. public institutions

  7. Hospitals vs clinics

  8. Workout or diet. What works best for losing weight

  9. Paper books or Audiobooks

  10. Silver Jewelry or Gold

  11. Candies or chocolate

  12. Love or Friendship

  13. Spring or Autumn

  14. Sports car or bikes

  15. Rom-Coms or Thriller movies

  16. Casual vs Formal

  17. Cigarettes or Drugs. Which one is more dangerous?

  18. Recipe books vs video recipes

  19. Branded vs Secondhand clothes

  20. High-end products vs Drugstore

Apart from these topics, there could be several others as well which can be used to write a compare and contrast essay. You just have to make sure that you successfully compare the similarities and point out the differences between the two selected areas. As a beginner, you can always take guidance from your professors or relevant teachers to have a good essay written for your course. You can ask expert writers of different writing companies to write my essay so that you can get a customized essay. You can also get this help from your experienced family members or friends. It is very important for the students to have good writing or research skills because these skills help them in their academic and professional life.

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