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What will be tested on the math exam?

The theory put forward at the exam does not go beyond the school curriculum. These are all the topics, questions and practical tasks that were mastered and solved by students in the course of studying at school.

To pass the exam in mathematics of the basic profile, the graduate must know and be able to:

  1. Convert numeric and alphabetic expressions.

  2. Solve equations and inequalities, calculate geometric quantities.

  3. Solve problems with functions and vectors, work with coordinate systems.

  4. Build mathematical models, conduct their simplest research

In order to successfully complete the tasks and pass the exam of profile complexity, you need to know:

  1. Planimetry and stereometry.

  2. Equations and inequalities.

  3. Geometric and arithmetic progressions.

  4. Methods for solving tasks with percentages.

  5. financial mathematics.

Practical skills are good, but you can’t do without decent knowledge of theory. You need to know the basic theorems from, axioms, formulas. When preparing, it is desirable to evenly distribute the time devoted to theory and practice.

It is better to start preparing for the exam from the beginning of the academic semester. With such a margin of time, you can successfully go through all the topics, focusing on the most difficult to understand. Mathematics cannot be learned by reading textbooks, it must be understood. To do this, you can ask for help from classmates, teachers, parents who can explain the topic in simple words or retell the rules in their own words.

During the execution of practical tasks, it is necessary to constantly analyze the mistakes made in order to avoid their repetition. The formulas will have to be learned. It is also better to do this gradually. In general, certification in mathematics is not as scary as it is made out to be, so it is very important to approach tasks calmly and confidently.

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